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Aspects of the best trading business.

Trading is a form of business where different forms of goods and service-based products are sold to the customer in small amounts or bulk. The customers can be larger establishments or retail shops. Today the trading operations run on a B2B and B2C basis where a company mainly specializes in a product or a type of product and functions locally or globally.

Aspects of the best trading business

Strong logistical organization

Faster distribution

Dedicated operational methodology

Marketing that has been modernized

Fully functional inventory

Smart ERP for Trading Companies

Smart ERP, a modernized business management solution, will be an excellent choice for the smooth operation of your trading business. Smart ERP, with its advanced operational functionalities, ensures your business's operational satisfaction and ease. Smart ERP's exceptional operational features, which are ideal for running a Trading business, make it the best solution.

Simple sale operation

Manage your sales activities with ease and specialized operation management and controlling tools.

Manage E-commerce and retail sales
Manage E-commerce and retail sales
Ability to lock orders
Ability to lock orders
Automated Sales Warnings
Automated Sales Warnings
Complete Sales team Management
Complete Sales team Management
Draft Sales quotations
Draft Sales quotations
Well structured Quotation templates
Well structured Quotation templates
Send out Proforma Invoices
Send out Proforma Invoices
Define custom payment methodologies
Define custom payment methodologies
Discounts and Coupons programs
Discounts and Coupons programs

Product procurement administration

Manage buy operations from various suppliers at the same time based on your trading firm's requirements.

  • Draft & send out Purchase quotation
  • Send out Request for quotations(RFQ)
  • Manage Multiple vendors
  • Define charts of accountsCustomizable Purchase agreements
  • Call for tenders & blanket orders
  • Create your own Product procurement rules
  • Capability to run Drop-Shipping operations on products
  • Approval and request management
  • Warnings and process blocking

Improve your client relationship management skills.

Bring in more clients by pursuing each lead and business opportunity with the support of the dedicated Smart ERP customer relationship management approach.

  • Lead mining to extract lead information
  • Enrichment of lead obtain lead information online
  • Emails can be used to generate leads.
  • Website visitors' leads drive follow-up activity
  • Pipeline operation on a dedicated basis
  • Integration with the sales module
  • Leads, pipeline, and activity reporting

Complete warehouse management

The company's warehouse operations will be supported by a specialized inventory module of the Smart ERP from the point of product movement in until it is delivered to the customers.

  • Coordinate several warehouses
  • Storage areas that are well-organized
  • Batch picking to make product selection easier Product packages
  • Product movement made simple with a barcode scanner
  • SMS and email confirmation
  • Connect several Shipping connectors.
  • Tracking and tracing products using serial and missing numbers
  • Define Product landed cost
  • Run cross-docking procedures throughout the processing lead time
  • Routes and standards for product movement