Enable the future of retail with Smart ERP

With an industry-leading combination of skills, architecture, and artificial intelligence, you can engage consumers with confidence and agility. Smart ERP will ensure seamless execution of all key processes to satisfy the end customers.

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Retail has become more agile and purposeful.

Maintain your position at the forefront of retail innovation by effortlessly linking and uniting rich, customer-centric retail experiences with intelligent, adaptable business solutions. Increase conversion and brand advocates by engaging customers and directing them on trips they'll like.

Simple sales operations

With the dedicated sale module integrated with all other modules of our Smart ERP system, you will be able to run the complete retail sales management.

  • Creating and sending quotations to the customer.
  • Order status and customer order tracking from the customer portal.
  • Transparent communication with customers.

Complete warehouse administration

A specialized inventory module of the Smart ERP will assist the company's warehouse operations from the point of product movement in until it is delivered to customers. With real-time analytics and a connected infrastructure, create a single source of truth for your organization to plan and deliver value.

  • Inventory visibility in real time
  • Product information administration
  • Allocation and replenishment of inventory
  • Categorization, and assortment planning
  • Easy and understandable analysis.


Manage your raw materials first, followed by product movement in the production process. Furthermore, handle the storage of finished products in the designated warehouse locations and Allow customers to purchase whenever, wherever, and on whatever channel with seamlessly connected purchasing options.

  • Connected business-to-consumer and business-to-business e-commerce
  • Retail store management
  • Pricing and promotions
  • Manage multiple warehouses
  • Assign minimum and maximum product stocks
  • Barcode scanning for effective operations
  • Stock forecasting
  • Define expiry dates on products


  • Simple customer movement tracking.
  • Sending sales offers right from the CRM application.
  • Effective work with clients, meeting planning, announcement, statistical data analysis.

Quality Control

Well defined quality control management module will provide you with a complete operational hand on the quality management operations

  • Well defined quality overview
  • Create custom quality control teams
  • Define quality control points
  • Assign quality checks
  • Auto-generate quality alerts