Smart ERP Manufacturing

Revolutionizes production process with its compressive features. From managing bills of material and work orders to tracking production progress control. Smart ERP Manufacturing operations with real-time inventory management and efficient scheduling, Smart ERP ensures optimal resource utilization. Gain insight into production costs, plan effectively and achieve greater productivity with Smart ERP user-friendly manufacturing solution.

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Smart Control Scrap Materials

Manufacturing scrap refers to the leftover or waste materials generated during the production process. Proper management and recycling of scrap .

Smart Bill OF Material Control

Manufacturing Bill of Material feature helps business efficiently manage and track the components and materials required for manufacturing process.

Smart Work center creation and control

Smart ERP Manufacturing Work Center is a module that allows business to define manage specific areas within the production process enabling efficient allocation of resources and tracking of work progress.

Effective and real-time dashboard

Dashboard provide businesses with valuable insights and visualizations to monitor and analyze key manufacturing metrics, such as production efficiency, inventory levels, and work order statuses.