Provide top-notch healthcare using Smart ERP

Create patient journey-spanning healthcare experiences. Build unified patient profiles, enable care coordination, and make data-driven decisions across your organization by securely connecting people, data, and processes.

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Personalized solutions for your healthcare needs

Empower teams to coordinate care efforts across healthcare organizations to re imagine patient care. Improve clinical and operational insights with enriched data from Smart ERP, which helps predict risk and ultimately improve patient health outcomes.

Smart Healthcare ERP transforms Healthcare Landscape

The healthcare sector finds it harder and harder to manage its various systems as technology develops. It is important to remember, nevertheless, that patients will continue to favor businesses whose management uses technology innovation to give them easier access to their medical facilities. Smart Healthcare ERP facilitates easy information exchange between systems and businesses and helps you hasten the digital transformation of your business. Access to pertinent data should be made easier while maintaining privacy and security for both patients and medical professionals.

Why Smart ERP is the best choice for your Healthcare business?

An automated system called Smart Healthcare ERP makes all patient information easily available with just a few clicks and ensures a constant flow of communication between the patient and the doctor.
Doctors may access the patient's complete medical history and tale with the use of smart healthcare ERP, enabling them to provide more individualized care than ever.
With Smart Healthcare ERP, which combines appointment scheduling with real-time synchronization of patient data and lab test results, health management operations are now more practical than ever. Businesses in the healthcare industry who use Smart ERP are free of obstacles and time-consuming paperwork.


Health Care
Manage Patient Details.
The Patient can enter their details.There are tabs will shows patient details like medicament, diseases, lab test, etc.
Health Care
Receptionist can create Appointment.
Receptionist can create appointment with the details like physician, consultation service etc.
Health Care
Patient Hospitalization Details.
Help administrative department to save the details of patient about his/her hospitalization like bed details, hospitalization date & expected discharge date, and other.
Health Care
Generate Patient's Prescriptions.
Generate prescriptions with the doctor's and patient's details, can create invoice from prescription.
Health Care
Lab Test Request and Result.
Patient can request for the lab test and can get the user of the lab test..
Health Care
Generate Report for patient details, appointment, prescriptions, lab-test.
Patient can generate the report for their details, appointment, prescriptions, lab-test.

Investigate the Ashewa Smart ERP offerings.

Customer Service
Provide patients with timely and consistent outreach across all aspects of treatment and different communication channels.
Customer Insights
Provide unique patient experiences and proactive member guidance by gathering important insights.
Using digital tools for information exchange, cultivate and manage connections both within and outside.
Reduce the total cost of care by streamlining operations and cutting administrative costs.
Supply chain management
Create a robust medical supply chain that meets the diverse demands of your teams.
Customer Service
Provide patients with timely and consistent outreach across all aspects of treatment and different communication channels.