Smart ERP for Service Industry

Streamline your servicing operation.

The service business is always expanding, and the operational restrictions alter on a daily basis. The requirement for specific management systems for service industry operations is unavoidable. The Smart ERP promotes successful service industry management through the specific setup of the platform to meet the demands of operating a servicing business with skilled partners such as Ashewa Technology.

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Improve your service at every stage.

Create long-lasting connections and solutions that help you provide a smooth client experience at every touch point.

  • Provide excellent customer experience
  • Personalize the service experience
  • Make customer experiences feel tailored to them with Smart self-service.
  • Enable service teams to work faster
  • Empower service/sales teams to collaborate effortlessly and solve problems quickly with Smart solution and actionable insights.
  • Optimize service operations
  • Drive efficiency with greater visibility, analytic insights, and automation.

Planning and projects

Integrated project management, in conjunction with planning tools, enables you to efficiently plan and execute the activities of your service provider organization.

  • Define projects for operations
  • Create tasks and sub-task under each project
  • Complete task management
  • Plan the operations in the planning module
  • Project forecasting
  • Employee allocation

Accounting and invoicing

The accounting module of SmartERP will support the finance management operation of your service industry and bring in dedicated tools and functions of operation

  • Define localized taxes
  • Create accounting rules
  • Accept payments from multiple sources
  • Define charts of accounts
  • Draft fiscal positions and fiscal years
  • Generate invoices instantly
  • Define payment terminologies

Sales management

Manage sales operations with specific tools provided in the Smart ERP platform's sales management module.

  • Real time functional tools
  • Draft sales quotations
  • Send out sales orders
  • Integrated servicing charges and time-sheets
  • Invoice customers based on services

Purchase and inventory management

The dedicated purchase and inventory management will handle product procurement as well as warehouse management of product supplies.

  • Send out request for quotation
  • Draft purchase orders
  • Multiple vendor management
  • Manage vendor bills
  • Define product locations and warehouses
  • Lots and serial numbers on products
  • Assign product expiry dates

Field services management

The dedicated field service management tool in Smart ERP will support you with the management of your field operations in the service providing industry

  • Plan on-site tasks with employees
  • Define tasks to be performed
  • Generate Invoice based on intervention
  • Invoice based on time-sheets
  • Sell products in the field