Meet Smart Accounting Module

Access your report from any where

Don't lose sight of what's important.

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Dashboard overview is everything for managers and business owners.

Synchronization of bank feeds
Manage recurring invoices and keep track of your costs easily.
Access your journals at any time.
Invoicing made simple and personalized, with online payment

Quicker Payment

  • An easy-to-use customer portal that enables prompt payments
  • Automated reminders are sent to collect overdue payments.
  • An automated exchange rate and multi-currency environment to make international transactions simpler
  • Batch payments for receipts and payments

Smart Features that will save your time.

Smart modeling tools

Reconciliation and Depreciation model

Smart Recruid/Deferred tools

Deferred expense and revenue

We have coverage for you wherever you are.

To match country requirement fiscal position is localized. Accounting is pre-configured specifically for country requirements: charts of accounts, taxes, specific reports, electronic invoicing, audit files, and fiscal positions to automatically apply the right tax rates and accounts.

Financial reports for your smart decision

Instant dynamic reports

Export to pdf, xsl and see the detailed of reports easily.

Compare the figures between two periods

Choose the periods you want and quickly see the comparison.

Unlimited reports at any time

Allows you to manage your financial and legal statements.

Spreadsheets and PDF

Export, analyze and store your reports in spreadsheets, helps for communication and management decision.

Tax report

Get governmental tax reports in either accrual or cash basis methods.

Detailed report

Click on your list view and access key information easily and quickly.

Analyze your data to boost your business

Analyze your data to boost your business

  • Analytic accounts are automatically structured on projects, contracts, departments.
  • Multiple analytic plans and sub-plans are managed to shape your analytic multi-dimensions/axes
  • Budgets are used to compare actual with expected revenues and costs

Stop manually recording transactions

All other Smart applications are completely connected with the Accounting module.

Reports and Documents

Turn Performa into professional-looking invoices in one click and export into spreadsheets.

Inventory valuation

To keep your valuation up to date every transaction with stocks are synchronized.


Track company or employee expenses and re-invoice them in batches.


Create sales orders, invoice, delivery and track customer ledger.

Fully integrated with other Products


Turn sales & purchase orders into invoices in single-click and track them through their payment.


Create appraisals in minutes and review employees' performances.


Manage your fleet easily.

Email Marketing
Email Marketing

Build & manage your campaigns


Compare forecasts with real timesheets for increased profitability.

Email Marketing

Keep opportunities organized with the pipeline and manage your day-to-day activities with meetings and next activities.

Email Marketing

Expand the workload to departments, Give permission to everyone and get involved and save time.