Smart Fleet

Manage vehicles, contracts, costs, insurances and assignments without hassle.

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Manage your fleet easily

No need any specialized tracking system for company vehicles - with smart module; you can manage your fleet in a single click. Administer through our user-friendly system - fuel log entries, odometer, costs and many other features necessary for the decision of your company's vehicles.

Manage services and all other contracts

Manage contracts for your vehicles and receive a warning email when contracts reach their expiration date. Visual tools are put in place to ensure that you'll remember to renew or end your contract. Manage the services around the vehicles and communicate with the qualified service providers; manage invoices and notes. Set up a vehicle policy within your company, as well as an insurance policy in order to manage your fleet in proper way.

Control all costs at once

Track the money spent by your company for each of the fleet vehicles. Recurring costs of your contracts such as leasing and services contracts are automatically added to your accounting at the beginning of each period of the frequency specified in the contracts, while all other costs like fuel and repairs are automatically added to your report.

Analyze the reports

View all costs related with specified vehicle or with a type of service. Make comparison for different types of costs (which vehicles cost the most; which services have been performed on which vehicles; etc) by using the reporting tool. Get helpful overview about the effective return of each vehicle.

Fully integrated with other Products


Turn sales & purchase orders into invoices in single-click and track them through their payment.


Create appraisals in minutes and review employees' performances.


Invoicing made simple and personalized, with online payment

Email Marketing
Email Marketing

Build & manage your campaigns


Compare forecasts with real timesheets for increased profitability.

Email Marketing

Keep opportunities organized with the pipeline and manage your day-to-day activities with meetings and next activities.

Email Marketing

Expand the workload to departments, Give permission to everyone and get involved and save time.