ERP implementation can be more difficult and dangerous if not handled by experts. Ashewa Technology provides you with trouble-free implementation of user-friendly Smart platforms based on your business requirements. We specialize in ERP implementation and have a well-defined methodology that has been well practiced and mastered:

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Ashewa Technology develops and implements the platform in accordance with your requirements and in accordance with best practices and standardized procedures, without interfering with the Smart ERP platform's functionality.

  • Analyze your needs
  • Develop your platform
  • Configure it with your business
  • Train you to operate
  • Constant support and maintenance
Requirement Analysis for ERP Implementation

We first accurately understand your company's requirements. It is really difficult to design flawless solutions without first grasping and assessing your business requirements. When making decisions, we prioritize user desires.

Smart ERP integration Customization and Development

Following comprehension, we proceed with the building of Smart ERP. The goal of designing a module is to better serve your business. We make certain that development is carried out in compliance with industry rules and standards.

Installation and Configuration

We provide you with a great deal of customizable options based on your business needs. We handle all ERP functions and analysis tools to meet your company's requirements. Users can thus get the highest level of customisation and personalization in their work page.

Data Migration

Data migration is a critical component of ERP installation. Data must be complete and correct in order for a firm to be successful. We transfer your existing data from the current application, including software, excel files, with the highest care and attention.

Training and Support

Because Smart ERP is so large and complex, proper training will boost professionalism. Following deployment, we deliver successful Smart ERP Training to end users using various communication channels such as Zoom, Team viewer, videos, and user manuals.

Make it Live

Always at your side as a helpful hand in dealing with all the murky scenarios. We assist you in determining the optimum ERP installation and so establishing your business at a higher level.

Implementation Process

Step 1

Define Desire Business Goals

Initially we need to define the desired business goals accurately. Then only the providers can able to suggest best suitable solutions to clients.

Step 2

Allocate Budget

In this stage client need to allocate a budget for their ERP implementation.

Step 3

Select Best Suitable ERP

Need to select best suitable ERP for our business from the available ERPs in the market.

Step 4

Select best Implementation Partner

After selecting the best ERP for our business, we need to select a best ERP implementation partner for this ERP.

Step 5

Define Implementation Phases

We need to define different implementation phases and its plan of execution.

Step 6

Select the Best Hosting Plan

We need to select best suitable hosting plan for our selected ERP.

Step 7

Installation and Configuration

We will install and configure our ERP as per our needs.

Step 8

Data Migration

We will migrate our essential old data to our new ERP.

Step 9


We will do the proper testing of whole ERP.

Step 10


Will do the training to our ERP users.

Step 11

Go Live

We will go live and start to use the ERP

Step 12

Support and Maintenance

We will do the needed maintenance and support

Why Choose Us?

We offer customizable SMART ERP solutions tailored to fit your business needs. Our expertise in trading, retail, manufacturing, services, hotel management, restaurant, POS, and education industries showcases our capabilities.

We handle implementation, customization, integration, data migration, training, consultancy, support, and maintenance reliably and affordably. Trust us to develop the perfect SMART ERP system for your business.

Our experts will assist you in determining the technical issue you are experiencing.

  • High coding standards
  • Smart ERP expert in all versions
  • Top contributor of industrial add-ons in Smart ERP apps
  • High-quality deliverables
  • Technical and functional knowledge of all Smart Modules
  • Enriched with UI/UX expert developers.