E-commerce website for your business

Create your E-Commerce website quickly and easily.

You will be able to easily develop websites with the help of the website module by configuring certain options. The website module additionally includes useful tools for managing effective website and E-Commerce activities. With the integration of the sale module, you will be able to run your online business with ease.

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You can easily manage your online store.

Create ecommerce website in minutes.

Smart ERP is not function-ready, but using the website module, you can simply develop websites by configuring certain features. The website module also includes useful capabilities for managing effective website and ecommerce operations. With the integration of the sale module, you will be able to run your online business with ease.

Cost of food analysis
Sell your product without physical boundaries
Material administration
Sell digital products and services
Materials management
Integration with sales and inventory
Manage consumer loyalty programs
Fleet management to support product delivery
Employee management that is committed
Mobile view
Total financial management
Create custom shop pages
Experience fine dining
Arrange products based on categories
Control your floors and tables.
Well defined product and website marketing
Experience fine dining
Integration with social media platforms
Control your floors and tables.
Integrated shipping and payment connectors

Complete ecommerce website administration

The dedicated website module will serve as the command and control center for all ecommerce activities, beginning with the creation of the website.

  • Dedicate ecommerce dashboard
  • Integration with Google Maps
  • Fully functional live chat tool
  • Product comparison and wish list tool
  • Coupons and promotional programs
  • Direct invoicing
  • Follow up abandoned carts
  • Configure automated orders follow up
  • Automated confirmation messages

Complete warehouse administration

Manage your warehouse inventory operations properly to guarantee that you have a clear product movement on the various sales and procurement processes.

  • Establish product movement rules.
  • Introducing new product categories
  • Traceability requires serial and lot numbers on items.
  • Product expiration dates
  • Capability to integrate drop shipping
    Integration with several shipping companies
  • Product removal and moving routes should be well defined.
  • Inventory valuation
  • Inventory forecasting

Total financial management

You can successfully handle the financial parts of your ecommerce business with the integrated fully complete accounting module.

  • Define localized taxes
  • Draft all the charts of accounts and ledgers
  • Integrated multiple payments acquired
  • Different payment methodology
  • Generate real-time financial report