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A smart solution used by accountants and business owners

  • Fast and modern user interface will please your experience.
  • A standalone invoicing app to create invoices, send them to your customers, and manage payments.
  • Creates all the underlying journal entries for all accounting transactions (e.g., customer invoices, vendor bills, point-of-sales orders, expenses, inventory valuations, etc.).
  • Directly connects with your bank institution to automatically import all transactions into your database.

Supply Chain

  • Inventory manage their inventory by providing tools for tracking stock levels, defining reordering rules, and automating stock replenishment.
  • Optimize their stock levels, reduce carrying costs, and prevent stock outs.
  • Procurement enabling businesses to manage RFQs (Request for Quotations), track purchase orders, and handle supplier contracts.
  • Streamlines supplier management and automates the purchase workflow, ensuring timely procurement of goods at the best possible prices.
  • Manufacturing facilitates production planning, work order management, and bill of materials (BOM) tracking.
  • schedule manufacturing operations, allocate resources, and monitor production progress in real-time.
  • Optimize their manufacturing processes, reduce lead times, and improve product quality.
  • Sales create professional Quotations efficiently. Convert quotes to sales with a single click Create the perfect quote in seconds.
  • Use predefined product data, price lists, and templates to help your salespeople increase efficiency.
  • Boost your efficiency in Sales Management with easy quotations, accurate forecasts, integrated e-commerce, recurring billing and much more.

Human Resource

Centralize all your HR information.

  • All The Dedicated Tools You Need to manage your employees in one place.
  • Assign job role, department, and reporting manager.
  • Gather information about each employee in one place.
  • The recruitment process never become made easy. Run your custom recruitment process as per your need.
  • The employee leaves and time offs will be efficiently manageable in the leaves and time off module.
  • Well-crafted payroll management system covering all the financial aspects regarding it.

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Unique Features

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